Production or Screenwriting at York University – what to choose?

Although I like to have complete control of the final product, interestingly, I chose screenwriting as my major – where I need to make a leap of faith and trust that everyone involved, from director to director of photography, will recognize my vision. From today’s perspective – I am in 3rd year of Screenwriting BFA – I would think twice about screenwriting or production programs at York. Not that I aspire to direct (for now), but when I look at the knowledge gained, a production major seems a wiser choice, even if you will not do that.

As a production BFA at York, you will have Introduction to Screenwriting and Screenwriting Fundamentals as mandatory courses, and you can choose another screenwriting course to upgrade your skills – you can take many courses to benefit your film/TV writing. As a screenwriting major, you need more detailed planning for production courses. So, if you want to learn more about editing, there is a course on 3rd year Editing Technique I, but the prerequisite to that is the Film & Video Production course in 2nd year, and for that, Introduction to Filmmaking I in 1st year. The same applies to the Documentary Project Workshop I course. There are probably ways to get into it, and with good planning, you can attend those courses, but you need to plan even before you start your first year. Which is not so likely; at least, it was not in my case.

A production major could give you more knowledge that will benefit you later in your jobs – like editing or sound design. And you will also make more movies as a production major. In organizing movie production, you will develop project and team management skills. If you are not sure about one of those two programs, you can see graduation requirements for Screenwriting here and for production here