Best disaster movies: Earthquake, 1974

Lately, I love to watch disaster movies from the 70s; OK, it’s not just recently. I just love them.

From today’s perspective, special effects in them are lousy, but stories are still great! There are several fantastic movies from this decade, and “Earthquake” is one them. I discovered it recently – most of the disaster movies from seventies I watched in the theater with my father and brother. We had our Sunday movies ritual. This one I somehow missed.

What I love about this type of movies are character introductions and multi- protagonist stories. In disaster movies, we follow fates of different people that intertwine. “Earthquake” is the same. Former football player Graff (Charlton Heston) and his wife Remy (Ava Gardner) are the first ones that we meet. After their fight scene, we got to know dam worker Max, Graff’s father in law Sam and cop Lew. Plenty of others are following: Denise and her son Corry, Walt from Seismology Institute, stuntman Miles, Rosa, store manager Jody…

When the big one hits L.A. their struggle to survive is the focus of the story. The official trailer is not impressive as the movie is:

What else is awesome in “Earthquake”? Mario Puzo wrote it, and John Williams was a composer. Puzo wrote “The Godfather,” and John Williams wrote many others movie scores – “Star Wars,” “Jurrasic Park,” “Jaws,” “Indiana Jones,” to name just a few of them.

The main theme is epic, and I just adore this introduction. Williams is creating light tension in first 37 seconds, and then he starts a bit classic seventies disaster movies sound that indicates something big is going to happen!

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